Archery finger tab pattern

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Archery finger tab pattern

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post. But you do want to be informed and educated so you get just the right fit for your style and preferences.

But which one is best? The answer is simple: both! Some folks go for the Chevy, and some the Ford, some for gloves, some for tabs. Neither is better than the other, only different. No two archers are exactly alike, so gloves and tabs are available in an almost endless supply of unique designs and varied materials.

We have found, however, that a high percentage of traditional bowhunters use gloves, while most target archerslike serious 3-D, FITA, and Olympic shooters, prefer tabs. Bowhunters do sometimes use tabs though. Dale is one of them.

Dale Karch shooting with his favorite Cordovan tab. When shopping for just the right glove or tab for you, pick out a couple that appeal to you and test-drive them. See what feels best and shoots best for you. We also suggest you pick up another one as a spare and that you break them both in by shooting them for a couple of weeks.

It always seems to happen at the worst time like during a big hunt or just before an important shoot. When it comes to shooting gloves there are plenty of choices. The choices are many! They work. The official Damascus glove is one of our top sellers.

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A little thicker than the regular Damascus glove, it offers a bit more finger protection. For that reason it has become a top seller. Ed at Alaska Bowhunting Supply is always thinking. He took the basic Berlin Glove and improved it by creating the Super Glove.

Cordovan leather enjoys a reputation of being the best leather anywhere for slick, smooth releases. James at American Leathers is another of those folks who thinks outside the box. The nylon he uses is durable, slick and greatly reduces the amount of friction between glove and bowstring resulting in faster arrow speeds and cleaner releases for most archers.Here is an idea that happened out of necessity.

My favorite tab was lost in the woods, and my spare was a bit too thin. Then the idea just came to me. I laid my spare tab on the upper part of the boot, traced a copy and cut it out.

With a few adjustments, I designed it to my specs. I liked the prototype so much that I made as many as I could with the rest of the boot leather. The finger hole is the hardest part of the design.

archery finger tab pattern

Trace the finger hole, then fold the leather and cut a slit. Use scissors to trim it to fit your finger. The photo shows some of the rough tabs and the scissors I used for this project. I make my own tabs, too. This type of tab is hard to find commercially. I traced the pattern from an old Ben Pearson tab of this style before it completely wore out. I use a scrap of thick leather purchased from a leatherworker vendor at a 3D shoot. Prolong the life of the tab by treating it with a leather dressing such as Montana Pitch Blend.

Thanks, Scott. That tab sounds interesting. Do you have a photo? I have been working on a finger tab design for years, but I have not come up with one that I am happy with yet. Being a leather-smith, I am a bit picky though.

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Finding the right type of leather and design is proving to be a challenge. You are right about that finger hole. It is hard to produce a good clean cut. I would like to see some more pictures of the finished product. I really enjoyed this article. I like how short and to the point it was. Thank you for sharing. If you have woodworking tools handy try cutting the finger hole with a half round chisel or maybe even a gouge like used to turn wood on a lathe. Find the correct size that matches the radius of your finger hole and press the chisel into the leather around the hole until you have it cut out.

Palm tabs require no holes. A wrist sling keeps it handy-I tuck mine up the sleeve of my string hand to keep it clean. For those desiring cordovan leather for tabs, look in thrift stores for shoes of that material-cut out the tongue for your tab-last a loooong time. Is the left hand the wrong hand. I made my first bow 70 years ago. I knocked an arrow so I would be ready to shoot.As archers, we covet the simple act of taking hold of the bowstring, and we have devised various ways to take hold.

Some archers use their bare fingers, others use tabs and still others use gloves. Simply put, a tab or glove provides finger protection from the countless shots we take.

When I first started shooting I used a glove. It was what my mentor used and I cheerfully followed suit. While shooting with my friend Dan McMahon, he demonstrated another advantage of a glove. While we were shooting at the Traditional Bowhunters of Florida Spring shoot, Dan was stung by a bee on one of his shooting fingers, as I looked at the pulsating stinger, it was injecting its venom into his deerskin glove rather than his finger.

Dan ended up with a fine score that day instead of a fat finger. I have tried different materials in gloves and tabs and have found a preference for the cordovan leather. Many archers prefer the thinner leathers so they can feel the string more. I like the cordovan because it is slick and tough. The cordovan lasts for thousands upon thousands of shot, and it does not develop a groove to hang up on. Once I get familiar with a glove or tab, I like it to be with me for a long time.

I currently shoot a tab. My fingertips are exposed with the tab and it is easier to feel my anchor point with my exposed finger tips. Having my fingers exposed also gives me a sense of whether I am pinching the nock or not.

archery finger tab pattern

Many of the top IBO traditional archers are shooting gloves. I trim the leather to fit my fingers. After you shoot the tab a few outings you will be able to see where the string is leaving the tab. If it is hard to see, try some talc. I have a couple that I have been using for years and they are still in great shape. The aluminum plate acts as an index that I can always set the string against during a shot.

The cavalier comes with a chain keeper that loops around the finger, I remove the chain and substitute it for a piece of parachute cord. The black widow tab is made similar to the cavalier, but it uses a synthetic leather stiffener and a synthetic they call super leather for the shooting surface. A while back I shot a widow tab. About when I was getting used to one, it would start to fall apart.

The new widow tab has been improved, since I last shot them. The new material they are using for a stiffener appears to be more durable.Site Sponsors. Patron Membership Become a Patron Member. DIY bracers and finger tabs? My inquiry for today is The reason I ask is that hubby and I are horse folk from away back, and out in the shed with our saddles and tack is a gunny sack full of good leather scraps, heavy stuff we use for various repairs on our horse gear.

There are also two or three saddle shops in our area which sell good leather. Opinions anyone? Best regards, Nevadan.

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Sure can. I've done it tabs and it works fine although I now prefer some of the manufactured ones for the seam to line the string aginst. The best leather IMO is cordovan made from a horses a You currently have 0 posts. I saw a tab a fellow made at indoor 3-D last winter. It was very similar to the "archery mit" sold on some websites.

archery finger tab pattern

One of the "knocks" on tabs by hunters is that you can lose them in the woods. His had a leather wrist strap on it. It was pretty cool if you like to use a tab. Let your imagination and creativity rule!! Some people do some beautiful "tooling" on arm-bracers, some are totally functional. You picked two of the easiest and most foolproof to start with, too; always a good thing since success breeds success.

The designs for both of these are limited only by your imagination and materials. Many designs and patterns can be found online and most of these patterns or designs require no special tools or skills.

For tabs, Cordovan leather is generally considered the finest material available. Armguards can be made of virtually anything - leather, nylon, the side of a milkjug, neoprene, antler.

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Anything that keeps the string from peeling the skin off you arm if you hit it and is slim enough that it won't increase the likelihood of the string hitting it due to it's bulk getting in the way.

These things are very easy, inexpensive and fun to make. Find all posts by Papabull. The 'heavy stuff' that you have for repairing saddles etc. Thanks, guys! Thanks for the input, gentlemen. And to any others who may weigh in - in my book, the more opinions I hear, the more food for thought I have.

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Stuff such as we'd used for repairs on chaps would likely be better - still heavier than driving gloves but malable and easy on the fingers. The real heavy saddle leather wouldn't work at all.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

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Make Your Own Leather Tab

Thread Tools. I got my bow a Ben Pearson Recurve given to me, along with 12 feathered shafts. I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for a finger tab that I may be able to get? I have some fairly heavy leather that I can make one from, I just need something to go by.

diy finger tab

View Public Profile. Send a private message to NewArcher1. Find More Posts by NewArcher1. Arthur P. RE: Tab Pattern?? Use your fingers for a pattern. Lay a piece of paper toward the edge of a table. As far as how long to make it, for the type with the finger hole, you'll need to add enough length to make a big enough hole for your finger to go through.

If you use construction paper, or some other kind of heavy paper, you can make trial tabs until you get everything just the way you want. Then transfer that one onto your leather. Just make it look kinda like this: You say it's fairly heavy leather.If you have every shot a long bow, like the PVC pipe ones found on instructables, you may sometimes experience the discomfort of the bow string snapping on your arm. You may also have felt the discomforts of pulling the string with your bare fingers.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Materials: 1. Leather Bought a Leather pack at Michael's 2. String, twine 3. Braided Elastic Walmart Tools: 1. Scissors, E-Acto knife 2. Leather hole punch and pencil 3. Needle large is preferable 4. Leather cement Not needed but can be useful, also bought at Michael's. The size may vary based on the size of your hand.

The idea is to use three fingers pointer, middle, and ring fingers to pull back the bow string. The size of the hole is based off of you middle finger width. Make the cut with scissors or an X-acto knife on one piece first, then follow with the other. The two approximate locations are outlined above, as denoted by the 4 holes for each part. Tie a knot to finish the sewing of each section. Two pieces of leather are preferred for the armguard, one of the leather pieces being thicker than the other.

Some of the leather will circle the arm.

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Cut the thicker leather similar to what is shown in the pictures above. You can use a pencil to poke out any leftover leather from the holes, it will make it easier to sew if you can see through all the holes. End the sewing with a knot or 2 or 3. Measure the strip by placing the armguard on your arm and placing the leather strip from the palm around the thumb to the other part of the armguard. Tie a knot at the end of the string and then begin sewing, starting from beneath the leather.

Then do a similar stitch as above. Next you will need to attach the elastic bands.Thanks for the tips, i like your quiver idea, i think i even have an old gunstrap i could substitute for the duct tape. Yes, the quiver idea is my favorite.

You could use all kinds of straps. I think using the camo duct tape would work great for hunters. Endless possibilities! Yes u r holding ur bow wrong Keep ur elbow bent And u should have known when u got the bow that it was left handed. They usually tell u on the tag.

Fivics archery finger tab

If u r left eye dominant then that's good if not u may wanna train ur left eye to be dominant. Just saying. I shoot left btw Post a Comment. Pages home food sewy crafty Tips and Tricks diy garden fun shtuff critters home ec. I wanted to make my own quiver for my new hobby, archery.

I know what you're thinking. You don't need another hobby. But of course I do. My husband had gotten a couple of recurve bows way back when, and they were just sitting in his closet until last weekend. We went to an archery store and got strings for them. And voila, new hobby! We had 2 bows and 7 arrows.

archery finger tab pattern

My husband made targets out of cardboard boxes that were laying around. Then, he drew a zombie face on some paper and stuck it to the boxes for a target.


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